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Kisah Gadis Cina Memeluk Islam Yang Perlu Kita Baca

Kisah Gadis Cina Memeluk Islam | saya suka budak cina ni ... baca apa yg dia tulis tentang nama cina pada IC tapi agama islam

Assalammualaykum to my dearest readers
Ok today.. my blog is regarding my name.
last month I went to collect my identity card from JPN. Alhamdulillah , it was done after such a long process.

Then..suddenly I recall an incident that happened when I was attending a talk regarding Shalat. This talk was registered by my boss from my working place ( All Praise to Allah, my boss sayang me so much and she reserved this ceramah agama seat for me )
So I was searching my name on the attendance sheet…… and I found this :
Sophea Ng bt Abdullah

Hmm…. Since when my father become Abdullah?
Then I took my pen and draw a line on the name, and I wrote my name beside it --- Ng Pooi Kheng.
And then there was a pretty lady ( the person incharged of the attendance ) looked at me with a very unusual eye sight and asked :
“ ni ke nama betul?”
“ya Cik , ni nama saya.” I answered.
“eh.. betul ke ?” she asked again.
“ ya Cik.” I answered again , with a big wide smile *wink* ,

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hmmm….. lots people still dunno that it is not compulsory to change the name after someone embrace Islam.
I was once asked by someone :
XX :“ tahniah dah masuk Islam.. nama baru ?”
ME : “oh… saya takde nama baru.”
XX : “yang orang lain dok panggil Sophea tu?”
ME : “ooh tu nama panggilan. Dalam IC tak tukar.”
XX : “ekk apasal pulak? Kena lah tambah bt Abdullah kat belakang.”
ME : “yea boleh kalau nak tambah BT ABDULLAH.. tapi kalau x tambah pun takpe. Tak wajib.”
XX : “ ehhh kenalah tambah. Ng Pooi Kheng tu nama orang cina. Dah masuk Islam kena tukar nama , baru lar orang lain tau dah tukar agama.”
ME : “ Saya tukar agama , tapi saya tak tukar bangsa.”
Don’t worry , I answered it in a very nice way and smile of course… *ngeeee*
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ng is my surname -- 黄 (huang2)
Pooi Kheng is my name -- 佩琼 (pei4 qiong2)
My name roughly means --- fine , nice, good things and happiness.
For me…it might not be an Islamic name. but my name was given by my parents. It is just like the first gift they gave me when I was born. I appreciate my name so much.

And again.. embraced Islam doesn’t mean I turn myself into a Malay or Arabian. Not to be racist, but I am sure all of us are proud of our own blood. Same goes to me. I was a Chinese, and the only thing changed is… I am now a Chinese Muslim ( Allah is the Greatest)
Islam is a peaceful religion, that teach and guide us towards the right pathway.

The beauty of Islam should be seen through our attitude , personality , our life , our heart and our soul…. Not through our name.
But anyway…. You can still call me anyway u like.. depends on how close we are
Ng , Angie , Sophea , Sophy , ah kheng , pooi kheng, kheng kheng….et c. hehehe
if we are close enough , no matter how u called me , I will sure recognize you
that’s all I want to share.

Chinese is my root ; Islam is my way of life.
forgive me if my sentences offended anyone. Allah knows the Best.
Lots of love
Sophea Ng, 佩琼。

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  1. Gua caya sama lu... lah sis!

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  3. Tanpa Nama20.11.14

    salam sis..boleh cerita mcm mana boleh tertarik kpd nk ajk kawan utk islam tp xtau mcm mana nk sampaikan..


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